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Hwy 60 Four-Lane Expansion

Windom to St. James

Traffic impacts

Hwy 60 from Windom to St. James project map. View more project maps.
I-494 Ramp Closures


  • April - Windom to Mountain Lake four-lane expansion resumes
    • NO DETOUR during construction of two additional lanes built to the northwest of existing lanes
    • Project has experienced record rains and completion has been delayed until December
  • Traffic has shifted to the new lanes for resurfacing on the old lanes
  • Fall - 510th Street closure for about two weeks for realignment (Timing to be coordinated with POET) Starts October 9.
  • Varying dates - roads intersecting with new Hwy 60 will experience closures
  • Project will restrict maximum lane width to 10 feet during construction

About this project

Summary of work

Complete four-lane expansion of Hwy 60 from Windom to St. James which includes:

  • Two new westbound lanes to the north of existing two-lane section in Windom to Mountain Lake (West Gap) 8 miles.
    • Intersection lighting upgraded at three intersections and removed at two intersections (Cottonwood CR 46 and 47) due to county policy.
    • Highway design at Clear Lake in partnership with Department of Natural Resources
    • Highway ditches and medians to be planted with native prairie grasses
    • Highway design will help mitigate blowing snow
    • Snow fences are a potential addition to this project (cost dependent)
  • Two new eastbound lanes to the south of existing two-lane section in Butterfield to St. James (East Gap) 6 miles (COMPLETE)
  • Two new eastbound lanes to the south of existing two-lane section in Mountain Lake to Butterfield (Middle Gap) 5 miles (COMPLETE)

Total Project Cost

  • East Gap $16.6 million
  • Middle Gap $13 million
  • West Gap $26.5 million