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Hwy 22

Mapleton - Mankato

Traffic Impacts

Road closures

  • Begins March 27, 2017 - Ends October 2017 for the winter.
  • 2017 Detour will be necessary for southern segment to replace bridges, culverts and where pavement is reconstructed. The detour includes Highway 30, Highway 83 and Blue Earth County Road 90.
    • 2017 Detour Frequently Ask Questions
      • Can I access Hwy 22 from Blue Earth CR 10 in Beauford? Sorry, no. Construction will be taking place through the intersection and north of the intersection that would make it unsafe for the traveler and the construction workers.
      • Where can I cross Hwy 22? Any roads north of and including CR 16 will be able to cross Hwy 22 this season. Crossing roads south of CR 16 to just north of Mapleton will be dependent upon on the contractor's operations. Typically, only one crossroad will be closed at a time.
      • Can I travel on the north section (Hwy 22 between CR 16 and CR 90)? You can travel on Hwy 22 north of CR 16 if you are a local traveller.
      • How do I access businesses south of CR 90? You are allowed to drive around the barricades at CR 90 to reach these businesses - and they will all be open and appreciate your business! Please note the addition of a STOP sign for northbound traffic on Hwy 22 south of the barricade.
      • How do I access businesses & church in Beauford? You will be allowed access to businesses and the church by entering the work zone at the closest point - CR 10. Please use extreme caution in this area.
      • How do I access businesses in Mapleton? Work on Hwy 22 in Mapleton will not include a reconstruction at this time - only a resurfacing later in the season, so it will be safe for you to enter from the south junction of Highway 30 or any of the crossroads in town. Please continue to frequent the Mapleton businesses!
      • What if I live in the construction zone? You will be provided access by the contractor - Mathiowetz Construction.
      • REMINDER - It is illegal to travel "through" the fully-barrided road closed construction zone and law enforcement can ticket motorists. It is a misdemeanor with fines up to $1000 and/or 90 days in jail. The reason for this law is to keep both motorists and workers safe.
  • 2018 Detour will be necessary for northern segment and construction of roundabout at Hwy 22 and CR 90

About the projects

I-494 Ramp Closures
Click map for larger PDF version.

1. Reconstruction of Hwy 22 (2017-2018)

  • This project includes Highway 22 from Mapleton to Blue Earth County Road 15.
  • Resurface from 5th Avenue in Mapleton to one mile north
  • Reconstruct from one mile north of Mapleton to CR 15
  • Left turn lanes Blue Earth County Roads 8, 10, 15 and 16.
  • Bypass lanes will be added at CR 62, CR 164, Twp 178, Twp 94, Twp 95
  • The Big Cobb River Bridge at Beauford will be replaced.
  • Water treatment pond construction (MPCA requirement)
  • Construction Staging
  • 2017 Detour
  • 2018 Detour
  • Construction cost: $16.5 million

2. Safety Project at Hwy 22 and County Road 90 (2018)

  • The intersection of Hwy 22 and CR 90 has a history of crashes
  • This project includes constructing a roundabout at Highway 22 and Blue Earth County Road 90
  • Includes a thin mill and overlay from Blue Earth County Road 15 to County Road 90
  • Addition of left turn lanes into residential areas just north and south of County Road 90
  • Uses same detour as work on Hwy 22 in 2018
  • Joint safety project with Blue Earth County
  • Cost estimate: $4 million

3. Victory Drive Memorial Corridor Project (2019)

  • Replacing trees removed in 2017-18 with a project (to be determined with committee) to beautify Victory Drive and honor veterans
  • Includes landscaping in Hwy 22/CR 90 roundabout
  • Wayside rest closure and relocation of Victory Drive plaque/monument
  • Formation of local steering committee for design decisions
  • More information and visuals under Victory Drive Memorial or Victory Drive Memorial brochure
  • Cost estimate: TBD

The Hwy 22 Victory Drive Memorial Corridor

Watch the video to learn about this project and the history of the beautification of this corridor as an honor to local veterans. Your input is needed to help MnDOT determine the best approach for the corridor that will continue to honor our local veterans and raise awareness of its significance.