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Hwy 5 Corridor Study


About the project

Hwy 5 in Gaylord has experienced growth and increased traffic volumes in recent years, and additional growth and expansion are anticipated in the coming years.  In order to understand the transportation issues and opportunities for this growing community, Sibley County, MnDOT, and the City of Gaylord have initiated the Hwy 5 Corridor Study.

Summary of work

  • Analyze current and forecasted traffic volumes and traffic patterns based on growth projections, expansion plans, and new development.
  • Engage the surrounding community in developing an understanding of the Hwy 5 area and its current uses, as it will guide opportunities to accommodate future growth.
  • Develop a preferred alternative that can meet the future needs of the community while preserving the function of surrounding properties and providing safe and effective multi-modal transportation for the future.

Study Goals

The following Highway 5 Study Goals have been established as guiding principles to use to develop future transportation improvements along the corridor and the associated supporting local roadways:

  • Improve Safety: Support transportation investments that will increase the safety of the traveling public, including, vehicular traffic, commercial/freight vehicles, and pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Increase Mobility: Support transportation investments that improve traffic flow in to and out of Gaylord. This includes focusing on the access and mobility of commuters and commercial haulers.
  • Enhance Growth: Support transportation investments that lead to growth in population, travel and economic development. This includes making Gaylord competitive in attracting new business and industry, and successful in retaining and unlocking the potential of existing businesses.
  • Leverage Investments: Recommend transportation improvements that compliment and capitalize on investments in industry and infrastructure in Gaylord and the surrounding area.