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Hwy 5 Corridor Study


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a corridor study being completed on this segment of Hwy 5? Who is completing the study?
The potential for growth and redevelopment in this corridor along with existing safety and accessibility concerns resulted in initiating a study. The study is a partnership with MnDOT, Sibley County and the City of Gaylord.

Who will decide which alternative is best?
The project partners will select a preferred alternative at the completion of the Hwy 5 Corridor Study in Fall 2020. Community feedback (along with engineering analysis, economic development and other considerations), is important in helping to select the best alternative. Additional evaluation is also underway to compare alternatives and identify their effectiveness in achieving study goals.

When will the study be completed? And when will these improvements/new roads be constructed?
The study is scheduled to be completed in Fall of 2020. The improvements shown in the concepts will not be constructed as one project, but constructed in phases as growth and redevelopment occur. The County Road 21 project is the only project that has been identified to move forward in the next 5 years. Though MnDOT does not have any improvements identified for Hwy 5 in their 10 year plan, this study and corresponding concepts are intended to be a long term 20 year planning document. The phased approach to these improvements is largely dependent upon growth and redevelopment in the city, as well as every-changing economic development. There is no set timeline to implement these concepts – they serve as a guide for future growth as changes occur in the corridor.

Who will pay for these projects?
The project costs will vary by segment of roadway. Overall, it is a combination of City, County, and State funding. There may be opportunities to leverage special funding sources such as the Local Road Improvement Program or Federal funding programs.

In some of the concepts it shows driveways being closed. Who can I talk to about that?
In order to provide a solution that accommodates future growth and improves safety, driveway and access modifications/closures may be necessary as traffic volumes increase. These modifications and closures will not happen immediately, nor will they happen all at one time. As redevelopment and growth occurs along Hwy 5, the city, county and MnDOT will reflect back on this study for managing accesses and making modifications that align with the changes happening at that point in time.

Please contact Tim Becker to further discuss specific access changes.
Tim Becker
Sibley County Engineer
(507) 237-4092