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Hwy 15, 10 Resurfacing

St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Watab

Work begins on Hwy 15 in late-July with closures, detours

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A two-year road improvement project on Hwy 15 and Hwy 10 in the St. Cloud area is scheduled to begin as early as July 21, 2014.

Work will begin on Hwy 15 with lane/road closures and detours. Most of Hwy 10 will be resurfaced in 2015, however expect periodic lane closures this year as crews prepare the work area. Details on traffic stages, impacts

Late-July to early-Sept

Close and reconstruct northbound Hwy 15 from Benton Drive/CR 33 to Hwy 10. Map

Hwy 15
One lane head-to-head traffic on southbound lanes

    • Temp traffic signal at Hwy 15/CR 29
    • Right-hand turns only at Hwy 15/18th St
    • Closures, detour
      • Northbound Hwy 15, north of CR 29, onto westbound Hwy 10 closed
      • Benton Dr/CR 33 ramp onto northbound Hwy 15 closed

Hwy 10
Periodic lane closures at off peak hours


Schedule is subject to change. All lanes on Hwy 15 are scheduled to be open by Oct. 8, 2014.

Summary of work

Resurface or reconstruct both directions of Hwy 10 and Hwy 15

    • Includes lanes, shoulders, turn lanes and ramps
  • Upgrade traffic signals and signs
  • Improve drainage
  • Work staging


2014 Work

  • Reconstruct both directions of Hwy 15 from Benton Dr/CR 33 to Hwy 10
  • Resurface one-mile of eastbound Hwy 10 east of CR 4/Watab road

2015 Work

  • Resurface both directions of Hwy 10 from north of E St. Germain St to east of CR 33/60th St NE
  • Resurface Benton CR 29 connection* from Hwy 15 to Hwy 10

Overall traffic impacts

  • One lane head-to-head traffic on one side as the other side is resurfaced
  • Expect narrow lanes, lane shifts and reduced speeds
  • Ramp and lane closures with detours


  • $18 million

*Schedule is tentative and is subject to change. **Benton CR 29 may be resurfaced in 2014.