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Hwy 11 Corridor Assessment

Greenbush to Roosevelt, Roseau County

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Corridor Assessment Project Background

Summary of work

MnDOT District 2 conducted a corridor study on approximately 60 miles of Highway 11 in Roseau County between Greenbush and Roosevelt. Highway 11 is the primary east-west route for communities located near the Canadian border including the incorporated cities of Greenbush, Badger, Roseau, Warroad and Roosevelt. As part of the study, existing and future conditions were evaluated, and recommendations for improvements along the corridor were identified for implementation over the next 20 years.


The priorities developed are high-level and will need further refinement as a recommended concept moves forward. Projects beyond maintenance and/or preservation are unfunded and MnDOT will seek funding to complete Priority A projects within the next 10 years.

map of corridor study priorities

Highway 11 Corridor Assessment Study Priority Results

Highway 11 project description list
Project Priorities List