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Baudette / Rainy River International Bridge Replacement

Highway 72 / Highway 11

Baudette Bridge


Bridge visualizations

Visit the visualizations page to view more photo's of what the new bridge will look like.

Baudette Bridge visualization 2Baudette Bridge visualization 4

Current structure

Visit the current photos page to view picturesque images of the current structure.

Baudette Bridge 5Baudette Bridge 24

Bridge construction

June/July 2020

Baudette Bridge 5Baudette Bridge 5

Baudette Bridge 5Baudette Bridge 5


Bridge deck concrete pouringBridge deck concrete pour, view 2


Bridge construction areaBridge footing rebar

Putting bridge footing rebar into placeLifting footing drill shaft into place

Bridge construction areaBridge construction area view 2

Bridge construction area view 3


Baudette BridgeLifting drill shaft frame


Lifting drill shaft frameDrill shaft frame

Rocks pulled out of the drill shaftRocks pulled out of the drilled footing shafts

Lifting the drill shafts into placeLifting drill shafts into place

Emplacing the drill shaftsBridge footing drill shaft

Footing frameDrilling a footing shaft

close up of footing frameLifting drill shaft into place


Building footing frameFooting frame

Footing frameMoving footing drill shaft into place

Drill bitsPier development

Pier developmentPier development, view 2

Pier developmentPier development

Pier developmentPier development

Pier constructionPier construction, boat pushing barge

Pier constructionPier development

Pier developmentPier development, alternate view