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E-learning tools

Log into MnDOT’s CRL Interactive E-Learning Tool to develop your knowledge and understanding of the CRL system. The interactive exercises and references materials will walk you through the step by step processes for electronic Certified Payroll, Prompt Payment, and the Bidder/Quoter. It will explain your Role in each of these three processes through six self-directed interactive lessons with various topics listed under the Topic Menu.

Vendor login access to MnDOT AASHTOWare

Companies that are registered vendors in MNDOT AASHTOWare system can obtain login access for employees or designated representatives to enter payrolls, bidder-quoter and payments by doing the following:

I. Check that your company is a registered vendor in the MnDOT AASHTOWare by searching on this page  

II. Create your personal login ID on the MNDOT Login ID Self-Service website.

III. Download and complete the AASHTOWare user account request for your company by completing the AASHTOWare User Account Registration Form (PDF).

Note: Please login and change your password prior to 180 days, as it will be locked and you will have to request to be administratively unlocked. At this time, you will not receive any email notification from the system.

This Login ID and registration form are covered in more detail in the AASHTOWare Self-Service Login ID Guide (PDF).

If you have completed these steps and received a confirmation email with your roles listed…

How do I enter/submit payrolls?

  • Log into Civil Rights Labor application to get into AASHTOWare Project, Civil Rights and Labor program
  • Payroll Spreadsheet - Basic (Excel) - Updated 8-12-19: MnDOT has updated the spreadsheet with the new fields for Salaried Worker Reporting to be used with the MnDOT upgrade to AASHTOWare Project 4.1. The basic spreadsheet has no added formulas by MnDOT; however, you can add them yourself. The spreadsheet works for use on MnDOT construction contracts specifically and includes the MnDOT code values needed for payroll import into the AASHTOWare Project CRL system.  This spreadsheet should be used if your computer system has troubles with the other provided Payroll Spreadsheet – Formulas and Names (Excel). You may use the Excel zoom feature to increase the form size on your screen. All worksheets are protected in the Payroll Spreadsheet Conversion Utility workbook. You can contact us if you need the spreadsheet unlocked.
  • Payroll Spreadsheet - Formulas and Names (Excel) - Updated 8-12-19: MnDOT has updated the spreadsheet to be used with the 4.1 AASHTOWare production. The new spreadsheet has new fields for Salaried Worker Reporting.  This is the Basic Spreadsheet with Formulas, Pop-ups, Project Ids tab, Resource Page tab, and a worksheet to enter Employee Information which can then be accessed through a dropdown arrow on the “Payroll Form” worksheet to populate the employee fields. If you want to remove the employee name just reselect the “Select Employee” title and the name is removed from the cells. Please follow the direction on the “Employee Information” worksheet of the workbook to populate that page. This spreadsheet will only be compatible with 2010 or newer Excel. If you have 2007, please use the Basic Spreadsheet and add your own formulas.
  • Use spreadsheet conversion tool to convert the spreadsheet to XML format — converter is located at the bottom of the tool link page. (Do not use the "general-purpose version of the payroll spreadsheet" on that website.)
  • Use XML resource kit which allows contractors to work with their payroll vendors to export payrolls to XML format. Provides all required schemas to allow conversion to XML format.
  • Look up all system job classifications (Excel) to be used on MnDOT projects. This is the second tab on the payroll spreadsheet. This will house all job classifications associated with MnDOT projects.

System support

If you are experiencing login issues, please read AASHTOWare/CRL Login Help (PDF).

For help with usernames and passwords, email crlsupport.dot@state.mn.us.

District CRL support contacts (PDF) are your first line of contacts when you have issues with your CRL payroll process. Contact the person in the MnDOT District Office (PDF) where the project is located.

For vendor forms, Electronic Payroll questions for AASHTOWare Project CRL, or Prevailing Wage questions, email LCUsupport.DOT@state.mn.us or call 651-366-4238.

For AASHTOWare Project CRL Bidder / Quoter questions, contact the Civil Rights Office at Amy.Sullivan@state.mn.us or call 651-366-3335.

Upcoming training

Reference materials




Vendor resources

  • MnDOT – Contract Project ID Look-up helps contractors identify the required Project IDs associated to a contract to properly submit electronic certified payrolls into the CRL system. Project IDs are associated to the State Project Numbers (SP numbers) on the proposal cover page. There are two ways to look up the ID either with the contract number or with the SP number. 
  • Contractor (Vendor) Lookup System helps MnDOT contractors search for vendors, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that they are in our system.
  • Vendor form is for contractors, suppliers and trucking companies to submit new and current vendor information to MnDOT.

About CRL

All MnDOT construction contracts advertised after July 1, 2013 go through the CRL system. The system manages the department’s Civil Right requirement and provides contract electronic access to submit the Certified Payrolls, Bidder/Quoters, and Prompt Payment reports. It provides a faster, easier, and more accurate way for contractors to meet government reporting requirements.

In February 2014, the system was rebranded to Civil Rights & Labor (CRL) from CRLMS.