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Do It Right! Lessons from the field not to be repeated

Slope paving

Slope paving
  • The Contractor should get the grade a little closer before starting to form up the slip paving.
  • How will they ever get this material compacted now?
Slope paving
  • Try to convince the contractor that it will be a lot easier to fill-and-compact the material for the slope paving to sit on before the sidewalls are poured!
Slope paving
  • Generally, slope paving panels are poured in 6-foot wide strips, pouring alternate strips on consecutive days.
  • This means the concrete will still be “green” when the forms are stripped— and the concrete may spall.
Slope paving

Make sure you see these return walls. These prevent future undermining!

  • Always be prepared for rain. It doesn’t take long for it to impact your schedule!