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Do It Right! Lessons from the field not to be repeated

Setting reinforcement

Setting reinforcement
  • Don’t let them pick rebar like this!
  • First, it’s dangerous. Bars may slip out over people.
  • Second, the epoxy coating is damaged where the bar bends. Have them tie the bar to several points on a spreader bar with straps to avoid bending bars excessively.
Setting reinforcement
  • Make sure that when the reinforcement is unloaded, it is well supported on suitable blocking, well off the ground, in a well drained area, and graded so that the blocking won’t wash out and mud won’t dry on the bars.
Setting reinforcement

Will it fit?

Trying to weave the column dowels
through the cap reinforcement can be a
difficult task with both side forms in.

It’s much easier to set the cap reinforcement before the side forms are up.

Setting reinforcement
  • Pile cut‐offs make great dunnage
    for holding rebar out of the mud!