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E8 joints

E8 joints
  • When installing or re‐installing an E‐8 Joint, make sure that the joint can actually work!
  • In this example, whichever side is supposed to be able to move is either locked or will break some concrete when it does move.
E8 joints
  • Make sure the E‐8 joint is installed so it can work without breaking the sidewalks, curbs, barriers and median inlands that sit on top of it.
  • Extend it all the way across the approach.
E8 joints

Here, install a drain and plate the opening.

  • Our new E‐8 joint detail calls for a drain to be installed in the bottom of the joint, and for the opening to be covered with a plate.
E8 joints
  • Don’t let the drum from a bituminous roller roll on an unsupported concrete edge.
  • You will end up with damage the contractor cannot fix.