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Airport Manager References: Airport Lease Agreements

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Airport Manager References: Airport Lease Agreements

Airport leases are important tools to help set and enforce standards at Minnesota airports.  Leases can also ensure compliance with State and Federal obligations, preserve airport safety, and confirm airport operational reliability.  To assist airport managers and owners in the development of airport leases, MnDOT is providing resources and sample leases.

Resources and Guidance for Writing a Lease:

Examples of Current Leases for Airport Aeronautical Service:

Federally Obligated Airports

Airports that are federally obligated must comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Grant Assurances.  An airport is federally obligated when the airport owner has accepted federal funds to buy land or develop or improve the airport.  With the acceptance of federal funds, airports agree to comply with certain grant assurances, some of which relate to tenants and businesses operating on the airport.

For additional information on lease agreements as they relate to federal grant assurances, please see Chapter 12 of FAA Order 5190.6B, Airport Compliance Manual:  FAA Airport Compliance Manual - Order 5190.6B, Chapter 12 - Review of Aeronautical Lease Agreements (PDF).


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