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Activity Books and Curriculum

Photo of an Airplane propeller

Activity Books

Airplane Coloring Book

Don Hinz and the Red Tail Project

Cleared For Takeoff

Eyes in the Sky

The Sky's the Limit - Volume 1

The Early Days of Flight

The Sky's the Limit - Volume II

Pilots Help Our Nation

The Sky's the Limit - Volume III

A Place in the Sky

The Sky's the Limit - Volume IV

Beyond the Earth

Historical Aircraft

The History and Physics of Flight

  • The History and Physics of Flight curriculum was designed during the summer of 1998 in a one week curriculum development workshop sponsored by the MnDOT Office of Aeronautics.
  • Close attention was paid to the Minnesota Graduation Standards during the development of this interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • The History and Physics of Flight PDF, 1.96 MB

August Martin Activities Book

  • An FAA authored booklet with biography, pictures, and related activities that focus on August Martin, the first the first black captain of a U.S. scheduled airline.
  • August Martin Activities Book PDF, 276 KB

Wind, Water, and Wings

Wilbur and Orville Wright

How We Made The First Flight

Curriculum for Teachers

Transportation Curriculum for Teachers

  • Transportation is a vital component of our society, and there is a need to study transportation systems within all educational settings. This material meets graduation standards.
  • The Transportation curriculum was created to develop transportation curricula for primary, middle, and high school classrooms. There is a need for educational systems to incorporate a broad understanding of all transportation systems into the classroom.
  • The goal is to create curricula that will result in transportation literate students who understand the technological, political, economic, social, and environmental areas in which total transportation systems must operate.

Classroom Curriculum

Aviation Colleges

  • Let your aviation career take off with a quality education at an affordable price from a Minnesota college or university.
  • Choose a career path and find the schools that offer your program.