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Aircraft Flight Schedule

Picture of a King Air airplane in front of a hangar.

Aircraft Flight Schedule

This flight schedule shows scheduled flights in MnDOT aircraft. State government employees traveling on official state business can ride along in available seats free of charge. Check this schedule for flight destinations, departure and return times, and available seats. These aircraft can also be scheduled for additional trips at a cost to the agency. An Air Travel Request Form (below) is required and must be e-mailed to Air Transportation before the flight. Travel requests will be confirmed two days before the flight.


Flight Schedule


Air Travel Request Form (Word, 86 KB)

To make a reservation or for more information contact Air Transportation at:

Mn/DOT - Office Of Aeronautics
Air Transportation Section, MS410
222 East Plato Boulevard
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107-1618
Email Air Transportation Staff at aircraftschedule.DOT@state.mn.us