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Adopt a Highway

A program that turns community involvement into cleaner roadsides

Governor Tim Walz has issued a Stay at Home order for the State of Minnesota through Friday, April 10. Adopt a Highway volunteers should postpone any picks until after that date.

Safety and Parking

Watch the safety video above prior to each pick.

Safety First, Safety Always

  • Group leaders are responsible to ensure that each volunteer reviews the safety information, are able to work safely and understand the requirements listed in the AAH guidelines.
  • Volunteers should know that they will work in a potentially hazardous environment and must agree to diligently follow all safety requirements. Failure to comply with safety requirements could result in cancellation of the agreement.
  • Be aware of ticks, snakes and other animals you may encounter during the pick.
  • Avoid poison ivy, wild parsnips (PDF, 1.5 MB), or other noxious weeds. Stay away from recently applied herbicides.
  • Avoid abandoned containers, regulated waste and hazardous materials - DO NOT TOUCH!
    • If you find any materials such as propane tanks, hypodermic needles or syringes, explosives, dead animals, abandoned containers*, sharp objects or heavy/large items; please mark the location and notify your AAH coordinator. MnDOT personnel will manage this waste.

      *Abandoned containers include: drums, buckets, cans with lids, etc.
      Keep a safe distance and stay up wind. Call 911 if emergency.

  • If you notice any of the following conditions in water areas contact your AAH coordinator to report possible illicit discharge:
    • Sheen
    • Color/unusual appearance
    • Staining
    • Erosion or high flow
    • Odor


  • Carpool to the site whenever possible and park in a nearby parking lot.
  • There is no parking on state right of way unless your AAH coordinator gives permission.
  • If your pick site is an interstate highway, contact your AAH coordinator for specific instructions.
  • Volunteers working along the interstate must be 18-years old or older.