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Access Management Manual


MnDOT's policy is set forth in the MnDOT Access Management Manual, effective as of Jan. 2, 2008. This manual supercedes Technical Memorandum 02-10-IM-01.


Current chapters:

Future chapters:

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Access Management
    • Chapter 6 - Access and Highway Improvement Projects
    • Chapter 7 - Access Control
    • Chapter 8 - Interchange Spacing/ Interchange Management Areas




Access Management Principles










Model Overlay Ordinance


The model overlay ordinance (PDF) is a tool that local units of government may use to regulate access in a manner that supports local growth and economic development while conforming with MnDOT's access management guidelines.


Key components of the model overlay ordinance:


Resources for the model overlay ordinance:



Background Policy Studies





Summary Report to Legislature




Spacing Guidelines Studies





Other Studies