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Large Energy Facility Project Guidance


The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has developed several guidance documents to assist Large Energy Project proposers in providing adequate information, specific to MnDOT needs, during various stages of project development. This guidance applies to projects affecting MnDOT-owned land, rights-of-way, and other areas of interest requiring a Certificate of Need, Route Permit, Site Permit, or Minor Alteration (CN, RP, SP, MA) from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC).

Contact MnDOT’s Routing and Siting Coordinator for assistance with MPUC project review coordination.

Guidance Documents

MnDOT Utility Project Guidance for Large Energy Facility Project Proposals
Transmission Line Guidelines
MnDOT Environmental Requirements
PUC and MnDOT Permitting Process Flowchart

Other Resources

Home / Public Utilities Commission (mn.gov)
Energy Environmental Review and Analysis Home (state.mn.us)
MN DOC Efiling (state.mn.us)

To view full case records for MPUC projects:
1. Visit eDockets / Public Utilities Commission (mn.gov)
2. Select “Go to eDockets” Project Database.
3. Enter the year (XX) and the docket number (XXX) in the Basic Search area.
4. Select Search.