Tribal-State Relations Training



Minnesota state agency Tribal liaisons

Find contact information for Tribal liaisons at cabinet agencies within Minnesota state government.

Why Treaties Matter

Download a set of PDF documents were developed in partnership between MnDOT and the Minnesota Humanities Center.

TRUTH Project

The TRUTH project is a Native-organized, Native-led, community-driven research movement that offers multiple recommendations on how the University community can be in better relation with Indigenous peoples.

Understand Native Nations

Explore a campaign to improve the Native American narrative in Minnesota’s K-12 schools.


This glossary provides basic definitions for some of the terms that might be unfamiliar to you.

Lunch-and-Learns Sessions

Explore past Lunch-and-Learns that delve into topics relevant to tribal communities such as Tribal Governments, Effective Coordination vs. Consultation with Tribes, and more!


View these three videos created by the Native Governance Center and the Minnesota Humanities Center to learn about Tribal sovereignty, how Tribal governments are structured and why treaties matter today.

More resource topics


Explore the cultures of Native American people by taking a closer look at traditional and modern practices and ways of life.


Study and practice Dakota and Ojibwe languages, grammar and dialects with resources for all levels and learning styles.


Learn about the history of Native Americans from the start of European exploration and colonization through today.

Governments and organizations

Find out how sovereign tribal governments intersect and work with local, state, and federal government agencies.


Consider deepening your knowledge with these options for all students, from early learners to advanced degree scholars.


Teach young children about Native American history, culture, and ways of life with these age-appropriate resources.

Young adults

Share these resources with adolescents and teens who want to learn more about Native American history, culture, and ways of life.