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Enterprise MnDOT Mapping Application - Metadata

Emma Metadata Table

Layer Metadata
Airports Get
Airport Influence Areas Get
Airport Runways Get
Bridge Get
City Township and Unorganized Territory Get
Construction District Get
Control Sections Get
Counties Get
County State Aid Highway (sub set of Route State Aid)
Federal Adjusted Urban Area Get
Functional Class Get
Memorial Routes Get
Municipal State Aid Street (sub set of Route State Aid)
National Highway System Get
Navigable Waters Get
Other Route System (sub set of Routes)
Rail Crossings
Railway Routes Get
Reference Posts Get
Rest Areas Get
Routes Get
Routes State Aid Get
Scenic Byways Get
State Patrol Boundaries Get
Statutory Routes Get
Street Name Get
Summer Maintenance Subarea Get
Tribal Governments Get
Truck Highway Route System Get
Winter Maintenance Subarea Get


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