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Land Management




Plat guidelines

Commissioner's orders

  • Prepare the Official Commissioner’s Orders to identify the limits of the right of way required for highway purposes as designated by the Commissioner of Transportation.
  • Maintain the files of the official orders of the Commissioner describing the highway right of way under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner.
  • Modify the existing Commissioner’s Orders on release of right of way from the Trunk Highway system to retain the integrity of the system.
  • Provide certified copies of Commissioner’s Orders as required for condemnation and other legal purposes.
  • Search for Commissioner's Orders Online by Order Number, City, etc.

Legal descriptions

The Office of Land Management is also responsible for the preparation and review of legal descriptions. We prepare legal descriptions, both plat and narrative, for acquisition documents as well as for turnbacks and conveyances so that MnDOT will control the land identified by the orders of the Commissioner of Transportation. We also:

  • Review acquisition documents, highway plat descriptions and mapping prepared by MnDOT districts, for compliance with the Minnesota State Statutes, the highway plat standards and to MnDOT guidelines.
  • Provide research and interpretation of existing legal descriptions to MnDOT and to outside agencies.
  • Prepare and review additional legal descriptions for outside agencies and partnerships.