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Local Partnership Program

Local Partnership Program

Intersection of Dakota Street and Trunk Highway 29 in Alexandria, Minnesota.

LPP project – crosswalk and signal
modifications, intersection of Dakota Street
and Trunk Highway 29 in Alexandria, MN.


The Local Partnership Program (LPP) was created to provide statewide transportation partnership opportunities with local agencies and construct highway improvements that are mutually beneficial at locations that are not currently programmed on state highways. The vision for this program aligns with strategic directions documented in One Minnesota, Minnesota GO 50-Year Vision for Transportation, and MnDOT’s 5-Year Strategic Operating Plan (PDF).

The LPP vision focuses heavily on development of long term and sustainable partnerships, collaboration of transportation system needs, leveraging of agency investments and minimizing project time and cost.

Program Management

The District State Aid Engineer (DSAE) manages and provides oversight of the program in the district. District state aid staff dedicated to LPP will be the single point of contact for internal and external partners on LPP solicitations. The district state aid staff will oversee project development, schedule coordination, scope and budget management, and communication of project design requirements.

District LPP

Each district conducts their own solicitation.

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