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2008 Bridge Load Rating - Class 101

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction, class goals, and agenda
    - No. 1 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 1 class powerpoint (PDF)
  2. Load Rating basics
    - No. 2 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 2 class powerpoint (PDF)
  3. General equations
    - No. 3 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 3 class powerpoint (PDF)
  4. Load Rating procedure
    - No. 4 class Manual (PDF)
    - No. 4 class powerpoint (PDF)
  5. Incorporating Member Distress
    - No. 5 class Manual (PDF)
    - No. 5 class powerpoint (PDF)
  6. Posting Specialized Hauling Vehicles and permitting
    - No. 6 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 6 class powerpoint (PDF)
  7. Example 1 - Simple span Non-composition Steel
    - No. 7 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 7 class powerpoint (PDF)
  8. Example 2 - Simple span nail laminated timber deck WITHOUT distress
    - No. 8 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 8 class powerpoint (PDF)
  9. Class Exercise - Simple span nail laminated timber deck WITH distress
    - No. 9 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 9 class powerpoint (PDF)
  10. Review of worked out examples
    - No. 10 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 10 class powerpoint (PDF)
  11. Submittal to MnDOT and review of process
    - No. 11 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 11 class powerpoint (PDF)
  12. Common mistakes, questions, and additional considerations
    - No. 12 class manual (PDF)
    - No. 12 class powerpoint (PDF)
  13. Submittal forms
    - No. 13 class manual (PDF)
  14. Load tables
    - No. 14 class manual (PDF)
  15. Misc., figures, tables, and specifications
    - No. 15 class manual (PDF)
  16. Complete manual
    - Download complete manual (PDF)