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Roadside Vegetation Management

Woody vegetation removal requests on MnDOT rights of way

Woody vegetation removal has been, and will continue to be a necessary part of vegetation management on Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) rights- of -way and other MnDOT managed lands.  Tree and other woody vegetation removals on MnDOT rights- of way or MnDOT managed lands may be done by MnDOT personnel, or by other entities including but not limited to contractors working on MnDOT construction projects, utility companies, municipalities, business owners, outdoor advertising device (billboard) owners as well as other public agencies or private citizens.

Reasons for woody vegetation removal

The following list represents some of the reasons for the need to remove woody vegetation on MnDOT rights of way and MnDOT managed lands:

  • Safety
  • Overhead and below ground utility line installations
  • Overhead and below ground utility line corridor management
  • Removal of infested or infected trees (Insects or Diseases)
  • Woody invasive species control/management
  • Construction projects
  • Visibility to advertising devices
  • Aesthetics
  • Viewing of scenic overlooks and outcroppings
  • Management for forest health

Vegetation removal assistance

MnDOT’s Office of Environmental Stewardship Roadside Vegetation Management Unit (RVM Unit) offers technical assistance and recommendations in all aspects of vegetation management on MnDOT rights- of -way or MnDOT managed lands, including vegetation removal.  When offering technical assistance and recommendations to the MnDOT Districts and their personnel as well as direction to those outside of MnDOT who may desire to remove woody vegetation on MnDOT rights -of -way and other MnDOT managed lands, many factors are considered.  Who is requesting to remove the vegetation and for what purpose will have a bearing on if the removal will be allowed.  For those outside of MnDOT seeking permission to remove vegetation, before attempting to do any vegetation removal work on MnDOT rights- of- way, the MnDOT District Permit office in the given location should be contacted.

Tree Removal from Rights-of-Way within City Boundaries

MnDOT receives multiple requests from cities to remove diseased or insect infested trees from the highway rights-of-way. To streamline these requests, MnDOT is asking city foresters and natural resource managers to submit tree removal requests through a Survey123 application.

City Foresters and Natural Resource Staff: Please fill out the Request for Removal form. Please submit details of high-risk trees via email rather than using the link.

Community Members: Please work with your city forester or natural resources staff to submit trees for removal.