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Note: Registration for 2024 is now open

Certified landscape specialist training

Certification/recertification courses

MnDOT Standard Specifications for Plant Installation (2571) requires landscape contractors have a Certified Landscape Specialist on the project site at all times to perform or directly supervise plant installation and establishment. It is recommended that MnDOT and other agency or consultant inspectors  become Certified Landscape Specialists when assigned landscape construction projects to help assure compliance of Spec 2571. Certification is achieved by participating in MnDOT classes and successfully passing MnDOT’s certification exam.  Certification is valid for three years.

2024 MnDOT Certified Landscape Specialist Training Classes

New certification

For those seeking to be certified for the first time, it is required to attend an in-person class. Upon completion of the class, participants must successfully pass an online exam to achieve a 3 year certification.

Landscape Specialists who currently have 1 year provisional licenses will need to attend an in-person class and successfully pass the exam in 2024 to receive a non-provisional 3-year Landscape Specialist Certification. The cost for a new certification is $40.

Class Dates
January 18, 2024 - Shoreview Training Center
January 24, 2024 - St. Cloud Training Center
March 6, 2024 - Shoreview Training Center


Those seeking to renew their certification may attend an in-person class or complete the series of E-learning modules and successfully pass an online exam. Recertification is for three years. The cost is $40.  

Provisional Certifications

For those currently holding provisional certificates, attending one of the in person classes in 2024 is require to obtain the 3 year certification. Provisional certifications can not be renewed through the E-learning option.


To register for the class, please fill out the form and return it by mail with payment.

Payment from non-MnDOT enrollees must accompany the registration form. Make checks payable to "MnDOT Commissioner of Transportation." Payment for multiple registrants may be included on a single check. Class materials for those who opt to take the online course will be provided shipped upon payment.

MnDOT employees interested in registering for the 2024 Certified Landscape Specialist online course should do so through the link provided on the course announcement emailed to you by your training representative. There is no cost to MnDOT employees.

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