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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Scoring criteria for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Program. A total of 21 points is available spread equally between seven criteria: deliverability, maintenance and operations, technology risk, plan consistency, warrants, need and financial match.

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program funds the installation of new or upgrade of existing electronics, communications, or information processing systems or services to improve the efficiency and safety of the state highway system.

Potential projects are identified by MnDOT district staff, who provide project requests to the MnDOT Office of Traffic Engineering.

What’s been selected?

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How the projects scored

The construction costs shown on this list represent a very rough estimate based on limited information available at the time selection decisions were made. Actual construction and delivery costs will change over time as projects go from a concept through the project development process and are eventually constructed.

Last updated October 2021

Score District Description Amount Requested Amount Awarded Year Comments
15.6 7 I-90 West Road Closed Systems  $750,000  $750,000 FY 2026
15.2 7 I-90 East Road Closed Systems  $675,000  $675,000 FY 2026
15 1 QUAD Cities Fiber Extension and Camera Installation (Virginia, Eveleth, Gilbert, Mt. Iron)  $275,000  $275,000 FY 2026
14.6 7 MN 60 Road Closed Systems  $550,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
14.6 RTMC Northwest Metro FMS System  $700,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
14 Metro Fiber Optic Extension and CCTV installation  $450,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
13.8 3 MN 23 Fiber interconnect & cameras  $290,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
13.4 6 D6 I-35 Phase VI  $750,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
13.2 3 MN 55 Fiber interconnect & cameras  $350,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
13.2 4 Interstate Operations in Moorhead – fiber communications and cameras  $400,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
11.4 3 MN 25 Fiber trunk line  $600,000  $-   FY 2026 Not selected
0 3 US 10 Fiber trunk line extension, cameras, & NID  $100,000  $-   FY 2026 Project withdrawn. Funded by CAV office

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