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Railway-Highway Crossings

Closure and Consolidation Projects

The Railway-Highway Crossings (Section 130) Program funds the elimination of hazards at railway-highway crossings, including the closure and consolidation of crossings. Of the available categories, closures/consolidations is the top priority for the program. In order for a project to be eligible for the closure/consolidation category, it must meet the criteria laid out in Minnesota Rule 8830.2740.

Projects are solicited annually from local road authorities, railroads and MnDOT districts.

Criteria used in project selection for closures/consolidations

  • Number of crossings closed
  • Risk Factors
  • Deficient Geometry

What’s been selected?

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How the projects scored

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Last updated March 2021

Score District Operator City Crossing number Description Year Planned (FY)
35 3 BNSF Sherburne 067239A Per the County: Constructing the RR crossing panels and gates before the roadway project would be ideal. 2023
35 3 BNSF Sherburne 067238T Coordinated with pavement project. 2023
17 2 BNSF Polk 081280B We will close 081280B and do a complete upgrade to 081276L. 2023