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Historic properties

Scoring criteria for historic roadside property projects. Out of 100 possible points, 30 points are based on statewide ranking or age based on the design and historical significance or years since last renovation, 10 points are based on whether urgent repairs are needed due to a crash, weather or rapid deterioration, 10 points are based on efficiency that might be gained from two or three projects in a similar geography, 10 points are based on local community support or funding contribution, 10 points are based on a tribal connection for properties within reservation boundaries, and 10 points are based on whether a project is located in MnDOT districts 2,7 or 8 which have fewer than average number of historic properties.

The Historic Roadside Properties Program funds the repair, rehabilitation and preservation of roadside properties that are either listed on, or eligible for, the National Register of Historic Places.

Projects were identified by a series of cultural resources studies of historic roadside development properties conducted in 1996-1998 by Gemini Research for MnDOT. A supplement released in updated on 2005 with amendments in 2006 and 2009.  Newer properties up to 1975 construction was completed in 2016 by Stark/Deco. A new study which combines all previous reports and update selected sites is underway in 2019.

The studies identified 243 MnDOT properties, of which 56 are either listed on, or eligible for, the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition to the scoring criteria, other factors are also considered in selecting historic property rehabilitation and repair projects. For example:

  • It is not unusual for historic structures located close to the roadway to be struck by vehicles. In these cases, the historic property will be repaired as soon as possible under program guidelines.
  • Occasionally a property will be found to be deteriorating at a faster rate than anticipated and repairs must be accelerated in order to avoid losing the structure.
  • Local Government agencies or individuals will request that a structure located close to their municipality be restored.

What’s been selected?

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How the projects scored

The construction costs shown on this list represent a very rough estimate based on limited information available at the time selection decisions were made. Actual construction and delivery costs will change over time as projects go from a concept through the project development process and are eventually constructed. View more detailed scores (Excel).

Last updated December 2019

Score Location/Property name High level construction cost estimate for planning purposes Year planned (FY) Comments
62 Granite Falls Overlook $600,000 2021  
60 New Ulm Spring $800,000 2021  
60 Highway 169 Culvert at St. Alban's Bay $500,000 2025  
60 Cascade River $1,200,000 2023  
58 Camp Ripley Entrance Walls $400,000 2022  
58 Lake City Concourse $225,000 2020  
58 Reads Landing Overlook $100,000 2020  
56 Spruce Creek Culvert (Bridge 8292) $300,000 2023  
53 Pelican Rapids Village Historical Marker $350,000 2024  
52 Vineland Historical Marker $350,000 2025  
51 Otter Tail City Historical Marker $350,000 2024  
50 Birch Coulee Historical Marker $350,000 2026  
49 Orr Roadside Parking Area $650,000 2027  
48 Redwood Falls Retaining Wall $300,000 2026  
43 Craigie Flour Mill $250,000 2024  
42 Noyes Roadside Parking Area $400,000 2028  
41 Mendota Overlook Unknown Not selected Currently evaluating whether MnDOT owns the property.
40 Garrison Concourse $1,000,000 2029  
38 Avoca Historical Marker $350,000 2026  
38 Christmas Lake $800,000 2030  
38 National Grange Historical Marker $400,000 2030  
38 Fort Beauharnois $400,000 2031  
38 St. Cloud Historical Marker $400,000 2031  
36 Lester River Bridge (Bridge 5772) Unknown Not selected  
32 St. Paul Overlook (Burns Ave) Unknown Not selected  
31 Split Rock Lighthouse Overlook Unknown Not selected  
30 Preston Overlook Unknown Not selected  
30 Stillwater - (South) Scenic Overlook Unknown Not selected  
29 Willow Lake Unknown Not selected  
28 Kensington Runestone Historical Marker Unknown Not selected  
28 Inspiration Point (Lanesboro) Unknown Not selected  
26 Mendota / Sibley Pioneer Church Site Unknown Not selected  
26 Graceville Historical Marker Unknown Not selected  
24 Browns Valley Unknown Not selected  
24 Olson, Floyd B. Memorial Statue Unknown Not selected  
21 La Crescent Overlook Unknown Not selected  
19 Marine on St. Croix Unknown Not selected  
18 Reno Spring Roadside Parking Area Unknown Not selected  
17 Mantorville Retaining Walls Unknown Not selected