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State Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)

Environmental Assessment Worksheet Template

MnDOT Guidance on State EAW: Climate Adaptation and Resilience, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Carbon Footprint

Environmental Review Distribution List


The Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) is a state form required for the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). This document is designed to summarize the basic facts of a proposed project for public notification, permit applications, and to determine whether the project requires an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). MnDOT uses either a combined EA/EAW form or separate EAW and CATEX forms for federal actions. Projects requiring a state EAW that do not have any federal actions can use the EAW form alone.

When to use this subject

An EAW is a MEPA document required for any project listed under the mandatory EAW categories in 4410.4300 - MN Rules Part. For projects where an EA and EAW are required, follow the process on the Class III page.

How this subject fits into the overall project development process

The environmental review process is a lengthy process that begins in scoping  and ends with the Findings of Fact and Conclusions (FOF&C) and Negative Declaration (EIS Need Decision) for MEPA,  and the Findings of No Significant Impacts (FONSI) for NEPA.