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Early Notification Memos (ENMs)


The Early Notification Memo (ENM) is used to provide early notification of a proposed project and/or request early review of the project (and coordination with other agencies when needed) to ensure that environmental concerns and other interests related to the project are considered in the project scoping, layout or design.

When to use this subject

The ENM is required for all projects. It should be distributed early in the project development process. Each version has been designed specifically for that type of project. The ENM writer determines who should receive copies for the project under review. Visit the ENM Process page (link on the top right) for detailed instructions on using the forms.

Metro District and Greater Minnesota Districts

The District Environmental Document Writer, Environmental Coordinator, or Project Documentation Unit use these ENM versions for highway construction projects.

Negotiated Maintenance and Construction (NMC) Contract ENM

District staff use this ENM version for state-funded NMC projects (This content is available only from computers on MnDOT's internal network), which are a simplified contracting method to award highway construction and maintenance contracts under $250,000.

Facility Project ENM

Building Services staff in Central Office Maintenance or District staff use this ENM version for projects at Head Quarters locations, Truck Stations, or other buildings, storage areas and facilities on MnDOT property that are not State Road Construction (SRC) or NMCs.

Early Notification Memo Summary Table

District staff use this table to summarize and document construction requirements, comments, and concerns for projects that do not meet the threshold requirements for a Minnesota EAW.

How this subject fits into the overall project development process

The ENM is distributed early in the project development process, but timing varies depending on project type and complexity.

Organizations involved