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Regulated Materials Unit


The goal of this unit is to ensure early identification and documentation of known or suspected regulated materials within existing and proposed right of way and adjacent properties so that the department can work within the regulatory framework and protect its short term and long-term liability.

Products the unit provides

  • Response to scoping/project initiation - initial desktop review of project
  • Response to P6 scheduling of RMU activities for a project
  • Early Notification Memo (ENM) RMU responses
  • “Contaminated/Regulated Material Checklist from Cooperative Construction Projects” (last page of the guidance document) 
  • Inventory reports documenting regulated waste and/or asbestos on State owned or acquired properties
  • Special provisions for regulated materials
  • Contracts for environmental construction and oversight monitoring
  • Technical guidance on regulated materials issues
  • Other information as it arises

What to expect from the unit

  • All the deliverables listed above
  • Awareness of the federal, state, and local laws that govern the handling of regulated materials
  • Training on environmental processes
  • Participation in the P6 scheduling process

What you need to provide to the unit


  • Project Initiation/Project Scoping/P6 Initiation:  invitation to Project management Team Meeting- review of the project, type of work anticipated and when project is expected to begin


  • Coordination and distribution of ENM
  • Historical or local knowledge of buried structures or debris


  • Proposed utility work: work type (replace vs. lining)
  • 60, 90, 100 percent plans (pdf/dgn files) 

Property Acquisition

  • Information on proposed parcel acquisitions
  • Building Books with parcel sketches
  • Field title interview results notification of environmental features (tanks, wells, septic systems, etc.) located within acquisition parcel boundaries (and in project corridor, if noted)
  • RMU does not have access to documents and relies on the district for data
  • Review and comment of RMU’s special provisions
  • Special provisions finalized as shown in the proposal
  • Update on Gantt chart schedules changes
  • Change in scope of work
  • Letting date changes: advancement, delay, shelved, cancelled
  • Project staff changes


  • Construction anticipated start and stop dates and number of years of construction
  • Engineer in charge of the job
  • Pre-construction meeting notice and invite
  • Disposal tickets and manifests from landfill disposal
  • Newly discovered debris (buried/piled), demolished buildings/foundation(s)
  • Project staff changes
  • Costs for Government Accounting Standards Board 49 (GASB49) (includes all environmental costs – regulated)

What the unit expects from you

  • Project design (RMU Package or 30-percent design) and property acquisition information prior to P6 RMU activity start date
  • Communication on the project schedule, scoping changes, or changes to the project letting date
  • Notice of other or new information as it arises