Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Approved/Qualified Products

Certificate of compliance programs

Updated June 26, 2018

Software Manufacturer Program Name and Version (or newer)
ASAP, Inc. Accu-Batch Red-E-Mixer, version 3.01

Automation Logic, LLC (also DBA Kronware)

Concrete Rhino ABS, version 2.5
Automated Systems Technologies and Design NtBatcher, version 2.7.1
Command Alkon Eagle, version 8.75.06
Command Alkon Spectrom, version 6.19B
Command Alkon AC2000, version 2.10.3
Command Alkon COMMANDbatch, version 1.0.3
Egan KFBatch II, version 2.9
Jonel Engineering ARCHER
Marcotte Systems Ltd Marcotte Batch/Dispatch Suite, version 2.33
MPAQ Automation TouchBatch for Windows, version 1.81
MPAQ Automation TouchBatch for OS/2, version 4.06

RC3 with pre-printed form*

Rice Lake Weighing Systems CB1 MnDOT, version 1.50.08

*The pre-printed form contains information on the reverse side that is required for compliance with MnDOT Special Provision 2461.3.F.2, "Certificate of Compliance."