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State of the System

The State of the System interactive story map is intended to provide a snapshot of infrastructure and investment condition and needs for transportation corridors and areas within Minnesota State highway system. A story map is a mapping application that includes maps with expanded narrative text and other multimedia content to provide expanded context. Greater MN and the Twin Cities metro area have their own story map.

The story map is broken down into four distinct maps, which are organized by separate tabs at the top of the page. These maps include the “Existing Conditions” map, the “Recent Investments” map, the “Planned Projects” map and the “Future Needs” map. To navigate between these maps just click each associated tab. Each map tab will have a brief description of the information included in the map.

This story map can be used to inform discussions with local and regional partners about state, regional, modal and local priorities as it relates to the State highway system. Given the magnitude and condition of the current transportation system in Minnesota and the reality of limited state and federal funding, MnDOT regularly seeks opportunities to collaborate with local and regional partners to leverage the agency’s available resources to advance the Minnesota GO vision.

State of the System Greater Minnesota map (Being Updated)

State of the System Metro map