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Pedestrians and transportation

students and parents walking home from school
Walking is the most common and accessible form of transportation and physical activity. Even when people drive or take public transportation, walking to a vehicle is part of that trip.

Pedestrian planning at MnDOT

The Minnesota Department of Transportation oversees a statewide transportation system, which also includes people who walk and roll. MnDOT’s bicycle and pedestrian section provides goals, direction and programs related to the pedestrian system. Key legislation in Minnesota includes goals related to walking, a State Non-motorized Transportation Committee and the Safe Routes to School Program. There is not currently one unifying, state-level, direction-setting document specific to the pedestrian system as there is for other transportation systems through the Minnesota GO Family of Plans, however, from a transportation perspective, this is the primary reason for the development of Minnesota Walks, formerly known as the Statewide Pedestrian System Plan.

News and updates

  • The Every Body Walk! Collaborative and America Walks are excited to host the National Walking Summit in St. Paul, MN, September 13-15, 2017. The Summit is the only national meeting that brings together the multiple supporters, allies, and disciplines working to increase walking and making our communities safer, attractive and accessible for walking.