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Hwy 47 and BNSF Railroad Crossing


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The next public input opportunity will be in the summer of 2022. We will be asking for feedback on several possible solutions to address the problems identified in this project. Information about upcoming meetings will be posted as details become available.


During the month of September 2021 residents, businesses, commuters and stakeholders had the opportunity to share problems, concerns, experiences and priorities for the Hwy 47 and BNSF railroad crossing. There were 1,039 surveys completed, and the responses are being used by MnDOT to identify transportation problems and solutions to address those problems.

Top concerns with delays due to:
  • Trains and gate timing at the railroad crossing
  • Rush hour backups
  • Blocking due to vehicles turning into side roads and driveways
Top concerns with safety due to:
  • Emergency Services response times
  • Sight lines at and near the railroad crossing
  • Tight curves
  • Drivers taking alternate routes through neighborhoods
  • Not enough separation of cars to bikes and pedestrians
Top improvements in the project area:
  • Provide either an overpass or underpass at the railroad crossing
  • Improve conditions for emergency services
  • Make road wider with either more lanes or turn lanes
  • Ease the tight curves

How you travel in the project area results show 99 percent by vehicle, 17 percent by bicycle, 13 percent by walking and 2 percent by truck or bus.
Graphic showing how you travel in the project area.
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Problems experienced with this crossing results show 81 percent driving takes too long, 36 percent driving doesn't feel safe, 24 percent can't access nearby areas easily and 23 percent walking and biking doesn't feel safe.
The problems you experience with the crossing.
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Ranked improvements results show number 1 safety for drivers, number 2 reduce wait time for drivers, number 3 safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and number 4 access for nearby businesses and residents.
The things you would improve.
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Support for moving the highway so it travels either over or under the train tracks results show 4.5 fully, with 0 being no support and 5 being fully support.
Graphic showing your support of moving the highway over or under the tracks.
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