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Highway 212

Benton Township, Cologne and Dahlgren Township

Project complete

Highway 212 between just west of the western County Road 36/Highway 212 intersection in Benton Township and about a mile east of the eastern County Road 36/Highway 212 intersection in Dahlgren Township project location map

Hwy 212 project location map.

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About this project

Crews repaired approximately 3.5 miles of Hwy 212 as it passes through the city of Cologne and portions of Benton and Dahlgren townships.

Summary of work

  • Repaired concrete pavement
  • Resurfaced road shoulders
  • Improvements on two bridges that cross railroad tracks, a trail and Co. Rd. 36
  • Installed cable median barriers and guardrails
  • Drainage improvements
  • Widened shoulders at reduced conflict intersection