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Snow Plow Operator Training (SPOT)

About the program

SPOT is a set of skills (standards), achieved through training, for snow plow operators. Participants are trained on how to safely inspect, drive, and operate an over-width commercial motor vehicle with front and wing plows. This training sets the minimum skill expectations needed to perform plowing procedures at MnDOT.

Training Program Objectives for Class Participants

  • Identify and perform required pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • Perform truck operating procedures (operate primary and secondary controls)
  • Identify and perform safe backing habits
  • Identify and perform driving proficiency with plow, wing, and sander attached
  • Practice safe operating/driving procedures
  • Identify and perform power take-off (PTO) operations, including the plow, wing, sander components
  • Perform material application skills, including operation of sander/spinner controls and box operation
  • Understand and perform equipment care and maintenance

SPOT 2015

Team Roadeo Skills Area

Team Roadeo Area

Roadeo Exercise Skills Area

Roadeo Skills Area

Truck Inspection Skills Area

Inspection Skills Area

Material Application Skills Area

Material Application Area