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State Junkyard Control Program

Guidance for junkyard control along Minnesota highways

Compliance procedures

If you own a junkyard within one-half mile of state highway right of way, there are things you can do to comply with state and federal regulations.

Screen it

The first step is to determine if your junkyard is with in sight lines of the state highway.

If you chose to screen your junkyard these tips can help:

  • Plant Material. Plant trees, shrubs, etc., of a sufficient size and density to provide year-round effective screening. Plants should be selected to complement the existing highway and adjacent land use environmental conditions.
  • Earth Grading. Construct earth mounds, graded, shaped, and planted to a natural appearance, to block visibility.
  • Architectural Barrier. Use fences, walls, or other structural elements.
  • Relocate on site. relocate scrap inventory on site to use an existing natural screen or screenable portion of the site.
  • Combination. Combine any of the above types or combinations to achieve effective screening.

Remove it

Dispose of materials to a properly regulated site or move materials to a location that will comply with federal, state and local laws. Contact Minnesota PCA about regulations for the following:

  • Automotive recycling
  • Hazardous materials