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Environmental Stewardship

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Protected Species

MnDOT incorporates measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate impacts to protected fish, wildlife and plant species into the design and construction of our transportation projects. 

MnDOT has established committed, close working relationships with our local, state and federal partners in order to facilitate the continued protection and improvement of these resources and to ensure compliance with federal and state rules and regulations.


  • Guidance and technical support to ensure compliance with state and federal rules and regulations governing protected species
  • Analysis of transportation-related impacts on protected species, including species under state and/or federal protection
  • Development of measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate transportation-related impacts to protected species
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of measures to increase permeability of transportation infrastructure to accommodate fish and wildlife movement
  • Coordination with natural resource agencies
  • Protected species surveys
  • Protected species permitting coordination
  • Negotiation of mitigation agreements


Christopher E. Smith
MnDOT Protected Species Coordinator

Peter Leete
MnDNR-MnDOT Liaison