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Hwy 75

Pipestone Demonstration Project

About this project

Map of demonstration project area

Summary of work

  • MnDOT is partnering with the city of Pipestone to temporarily install two demonstration projects during the summer of 2021.
  • Bump-outs will be installed at Hwy 75 and 4th St.
  • A median island refuge will be installed on Hwy 75 near 5th St.
  • Projects are scheduled to be installed in the Summer of 2021.


What are demonstration projects?

  • Demonstration projects are short term, low cost, temporary roadway projects to promote and advance walking and bicycling.
  • Projects include, but are not limited to, bicycle lanes, crosswalk markings, curb extensions and median safety islands.
  • Decisions on what, if any, safety projects will be permanently installed will be approved by MnDOT and the city of Pipestone.

We want your feedback

  • MnDOT and the city of Pipestone is seeking your input on both demonstration projects. Click here to learn more and take a short survey.
  • An informational display is available for viewing at the City of Pipestone Office (119 2nd Ave. SW). Paper surveys and comment cards are available to give your feedback.