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Hwy 246 resurfacing


Public meetings and events

June-July 2023 Community Feedback

MnDOT asked the public and stakeholders to understand how the community uses this area of Hwy 246. This public feedback will help develop the final design.

What we heard from the community
Beginning June 12 through July 5, 2023, MnDOT hosted an in person public meeting as well as a virtual, self-paced engagement asking community members for input on their experiences and usage of Hwy 246. Approximately 19 people attended the public meeting and left comments on comment cards and the tabletop maps. Around 56 surveys were submitted on the virtual engagement.

Key findings:

  • Peoples primary use of Hwy 246 is either as a road for their daily commutes or as a connection to southern cities
    • Many participants stated they use this area to commute to work and back home. Others mentioned its importance for getting to the neighboring cities as well as using it for walks and other pedestrian activities
    • Participants use Hwy 246 as a connection to get to their place of work which is farther south. Some of the cities listed include Rochester, Wanamingo, and Pine Island
  • Community members have a wide range in experiences travelling on Hwy 246 either with vehicles, bikes, commercial equipment, or as pedestrians. Despite this, the majority of participants agreed on the same issue.
    • The most common concern that was voiced was the lack of shoulder along the highway making it overall feel very narrow. Many participants found this to be an issue for a variety of reasons but one of the most repeated issues was because it made farm equipment hard to move on the highway

Thank you to everyone who provided input either at the in-person public meeting or on the self-paced virtual engagement.