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Hwy 218 reconstruction

Blooming Prairie

Temporary changes at 1st St. intersection

Portion of the road painted maroon with vertical posts indicate where the proposed new curb would be installed
Hwy 218 and 1st St. intersection temporary installment

In May 2022, MnDOT installed temporary changes at the Hwy 218 and 1st St NE intersection in Blooming Prairie. This demonstration project included temporary safety improvements, called curb extensions or bump-outs, that visually and physically narrow the roadway with paint and flexible posts. This creates shorter crossings for pedestrians and increases visibility for people walking and driving.

Demonstration projects allow MnDOT, project partners and community members to evaluate potential improvements before investing in permanent infrastructure changes. A list of demonstration projects in Minnesota can be viewed on this website.

What we heard from the community

In the summer of 2022, MnDOT distributed an online survey asking for people’s input on the temporary curb extensions. More than 150 community members participated in the survey.

  • Most people (68%) had an unfavorable view of the intersection before temporary curb extensions were added. Community members found the intersection confusing and difficult to see other drivers. Several people mentioned motorists drive too fast on the road.
  • People’s impressions of the temporary curb extensions were mixed. 36% had a positive reaction to the temporary changes, often citing improved safety and traffic predictability. Meanwhile, 36% of respondents had a negative reaction to the temporary changes, often citing that the intersection shouldn’t be changed or the changes were inconvenient or made them feel less safe. another. The remaining 28% of respondents felt neutral about the changes.