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Hwy 59, 108 - Pelican Rapids Complete Streets Project

Pelican Rapids

Demonstration Project details

Pelican Rapids bulb-out crosswalk demonstration
Pelican Rapids bulb-out crosswalk demonstration

In cooperation with the city of Pelican Rapids MnDOT will be demonstrating components of the upcoming Complete Streets Project.

Road Configuration for Complete Streets Design

The demonstration shows the new road configuration (12 foot driving lanes and 10 foot parallel parking lanes) and the space that will be available for the new sidewalk and bike trails.

Current Minnesota Department of Transportation design standard of eleven feet vs project proposed width of twelve feet. The second image shows current MnDOT design standard of 8 feet versus proposed ten-foot parking lanes.

Demonstration of parking for 2024 Complete Streets Project.

Mini Roundabout Demonstration

Mini roundabouts are being proposed at both intersections of Hwy 59/108. Mini Roundabouts Mini-roundabouts are much smaller than traditional roundabouts, allowing for its construction within a physically constrained location.

Numbers around roundabouts:

  • 1/2 the motorist delay of a traffic signal
  • 1/4 reduction in crashes
  • 1/3 fewer vehicles stopping than traffic signal
  • 1/3 less vehicle emissions and fuel consumption
  • 15 - 20 mph average speeds making it easier to react to pedestrians and merge with vehicles
  • 8 conflict points* vs. 32 conflict points in a traditional intersection. * A conflict point is any location vehicles interact with another vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle.
  • Less stopping and starting time. Less idling time.
  • No room for dedicated left hand turn lanes at both of the Hwy 108 junctions.
  • Reduce impacts to parking
  • Eliminate long term maintenance of traffic signals

Roundabout showing the center island and crosswalk The center island is designed to allow trucks to drive up and over the shallow curb to proceed through the intersection.

Pedestrian Safety:

  • 1/2 the pedestrian crossing distance vs. a traditional intersection cross walk.
  • Pedestrian refuge allows for shorter crossing distance with 2 stage crossing.
  • 83% of vehicles yield to pedestrians in a roundabout vs. 7% in a traditional intersection.

Crosswalks setback from intersection traffic. One the driver react to pedestrians first. Two the driver reacts to vehilces in the roundabout.
Visit the roundabouts page for examples and more information on mini roundabouts.

For more information about the Pelican Rapids Complete Streets project visit the project homepage.