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Hwy 10 - Reduced Conflict Intersection

County Road 60, Otter Tail County

About reduced conflict intersections

Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCIs) are intersections that decrease fatalities and injuries caused by broadside crashes on four-lane divided highways. RCIs can also be known as J-Turns, Michigan Lefts, or RCUTs.

MnDOT will improve access and safety in 2024 at the Hwy 10 and CR 60 intersection with use of a Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI). The following animations show the preliminary concepts of the future road.

Option 1 - Median U-Turn

Highway 10 option one Median U-Turn

Option 2 - Restricted Crossing U-Turn

Highway 10 option two Restricted Crossing U-Turn

How RCIs work

In an RCI, drivers always make a right turn, followed by a U-turn. Motorists approaching divided highways from a side street are not allowed to make left turns or cross traffic; instead, they are required to turn right onto the highway and then make a U-turn at a designated median opening. This reduces potential conflict points and increases safety. Generally, the delay caused by a signal is greater than the delay caused by the RCI. Navigate RCIs Illustration, PDF