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Special Transportation Services (STS)

Transportation for the Elderly and Disabled

About STS

According to MnDOT regulations, Special Transportation Service (STS) is a transportation service provided to the elderly or disabled by an entity who receives financial assistance or grants from either the State of Minnesota or the federal government, or both.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a sub-set category of STS, but MnDOT makes no differentiation between STS and NEMT; they both are subject to the same MnDOT regulation and requirements.

MnDOT is responsible for enforcing standards for the operation of vehicles used in STS service and necessary to protect the health and safety of the individuals using the STS service. This includes ensuring compliance with qualifications of drivers and attendants (including training requirements); vehicle safety and necessary specialized safety equipment; general vehicle maintenance and inspection standards; and minimum insurance requirements.

MnDOT conducts annual and random vehicle inspections and records audits of providers to help ensure applicable regulations are being followed to provide a safe transportation experience for users of the STS service.