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How do I get a stop sign installed at an intersection?

If the local road intersects a state highway, a field evaluation and engineering study needs to be conducted by MnDOT. Contact your district traffic engineer to initiate this process. If a local road intersects with another local road, contact the city or county.

I would like to have a deer crossing sign installed. How do I get this accomplished?

Data has shown that installing static deer warning signs has not been effective in reducing deer-vehicle crashes. As such, MnDOT policy is to no longer install static deer crossing signs. Existing signs are being removed after they reach the end of their useful lives. 

View a summary of MnDOT’s position regarding deer crossing signs and supporting research (PDF)

I would like to have a "deaf child/blind child/slow children at play" sign installed on my street/highway near my home. How do I get this accomplished?

MnDOT does not install this type of sign on state highways since it is not enforceable (it is a warning sign) and it can lead to a false sense of security. If you are requesting signing on a local road, contact the city or county.

How do I get a bridge or highway section dedicated to a group (i.e. Vietnam Veterans Bridge or Highway)?

MnDOT does not memorialize highways. Memorialization of highways is done by an act of the Minnesota Legislature. If the legislature has memorialized a highway, MnDOT typically installs signs at specified location near the beginning of the route. On interstate routes, signs are placed in rest areas. Signs must meet the requirements of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This document defines the size, color, shape, location, and allowable message on signs. This document is defined in both federal and state law and governs all traffic control devices on a roadway. If a route is memorialized the organization or individuals requesting the designation pay for the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of the signs. 

If the bridge or highway section is not on a state highway, contact the city or county.

How do I obtain a sign to use as a graphic display for a workshop/training class?

MnDOT does not fabricate signs to sell to the public. To find out sign costs and have a sign fabricated contact: 

Earl F. Andersen at 952-884-7300
Gopher Sign at 651-698-5095
Lyle Signs at 952-934-7653
M&R Sign at 218-736-5681