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Lighting and signal certification field guide 2023


This field guide is for workers who are involved in the construction of traffic signals and lighting systems that MnDOT operates or maintains.

The objective is to provide an overview of the contract documents and review MnDOT’s materials and construction requirements for those kinds of projects. The field guide is designed to assist everyone involved in these projects become familiar with the contract documents, construction requirements and their application to projects, so that the location and installation of contract items on all projects is uniform and as maintenance free as possible.

This field guide and training is not intended as a substitute for contract documents. The material presented in the field guide is taken from contract documents. Some of it has been paraphrased and contains information that is based on methods and experience acquired from numerous projects. Improved designs, equipment, special applications and variations in standard requirements may develop after the publication of this field guide and is covered in subsequent contract documents.

2023 Lighting & Signal Certification Field Guide