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What does sustainability mean to MnDOT?

Sustainability is commonly described in terms of the triple bottom line of economy, environment, and society. The MnDOT vision describes a “triple bottom line” vision to inform all agency decisionmaking, and we focus primarily on the following environmental sustainability efforts:

Minnesota’s multimodal transportation system maximizes the health of people, the environment, and our economy.
  • Climate mitigation: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in enterprise operations, from construction of our facilities, and from vehicles operating on MnDOT facilities.
  • Climate adaptation: Design, construct, operate, and maintain infrastructure to be resilient to the changing climate.
  • Resource efficiency: Use resources efficiently as stewards of taxpayer funds and the environment.
  • Pollinator habitat: Enhance roadside habitat to promote pollinator health and provide engineering benefits.
  • Chloride reduction: Strive for the most efficient and effective methods of snow and ice control to prevent road salt from entering lakes and rivers.