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Reference sheets for geodetic database county products

Note: The Interactive Geodetic Monument Viewer is now online - click to try it. This interface will allow you to quickly and easily identify the survey control in your area of interest.

  Reference Maps

County Data Sheets

County Map Sheets *

County Index Sheets

Station Photos

* These maps no longer contain date stamps, but they are current with the database contents.
The Reference Maps above are linked to the County Maps.

Note: County maps labeled by GSID were discontinued 11/11/2015.

Note: non-Minnesota counties are toward the bottom of each scroll control.

A Full Form data sheet lists the history of every coordinate value contained in the Geodetic Database for that particular station.  A Brief Form data sheet contains a single coordinate value for each datum/adjustment combination, which is selected by applying certain criteria to the set of all values in the database.  In either case, the user of the data is responsible for determining the proper position values to use for any given project.

CSV files contains all the coordinate values from the brief data sheets of the same name, in a comma-delimited text format.  The CSV button opens an FTP page where the user can download any of them by right-clicking its file name and selecting 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' depending on the browser.  Using CSV Control Files shows how to manipulate these files in MnCon.  Double-clicking the downloaded CSV files will open them in a spreadsheet.

The full form data sheets are also available as single-station PDF files, English or Metric, which are accessible by GSID number.  MnDOT has developed a small utility program named MnDataSheet to facilitate access to these individual sheets.  To download it, visit the MnDOT OLM Software page, accept the disclaimer statement, click the MnDataSheet icon, and click the Download button.  To install the program, run MnDataSheetInstall.exe and follow the instructions.

One way to use MnDataSheet is to open the County Map Sheet of interest while MnDataSheet is running.  Find the desired control points on the map by zooming and panning, type a GSID number into the MnDataSheet input box, and click the Open button.  Instead of typing, the user can copy a GSID number from the PDF map and paste it into MnDataSheet.  Clicking the GDB button will open the user's default browser to the Geodetic Database access page.

Specific Instructions:

  1. Start the MnDataSheet program.
  2. Click the GDB button if not already at the View or Download page.
  3. Select the County Map Sheet desired and click Get This Map Sheet.
  4. Use the Adobe Reader tools to locate the appropriate control points.
  5. In the MnDataSheet dialog, type or *copy and paste* a GSID into the input box.
  6. Click the English button or the Metric button to view the selected data sheet.

To *copy and paste* in Adobe Reader:

  1. Right-click in the PDF map and click the Select Tool setting.
  2. Double-click a GSID number to select it.
  3. Press CTRL-C on the keyboard, or right-click and Copy with the mouse.
  4. In the MnDataSheet input box, left-click and type CTRL-V or right-click and Paste.
  5. Click the English button or the Metric button to view the selected data sheet.

Another MnDOT utility program named MnGetDataSheets allows user to access several of these individual sheets and combine them into a single PDF file. To download it, visit the MnDOT OLM Software page, accept the disclaimer statement, click the MnGetDataSheets icon, and click the Download button. To install the program, run MnGetDataSheetsInstall.exe and follow the instructions. The user can copy a list of GSID's from an application, such as a PDF reader or a GIS tool, or create a list in a text editor and paste the list into MnGetDataSheets. See the help file for details.

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