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Environmental Management Plan (Green Sheet)


An Environmental Management Plan is a process for tracking environmental commitments and regulatory requirements through the entire life of a project. It also serves as a design tool to ensure that all construction-related commitments get incorporated into the contract. During construction it is used as a communication tool and reference document to convey and locate needed information about commitments.

When to use this subject

Environmental Management Plans are currently included on most major projects. This is defined as all design build projects and all projects with one of the following types of environmental documents: Environmental Impact Statement, Environmental Assessment, and Environmental Assessment Worksheet. It is also recommended for small and medium sized projects that have a few environmental commitments that might be unusual or are critical to the success of the project.

All projects controlled by MnDOT will have EMPs by January 1, 2026. During the intervening phase-in period the choice of projects that use EMPs is determined by each district.

For specific process information, see the processother guidance and legal authority pages or contact the individuals on the contacts page.

How this subject fits into the overall project development process

Environmental review

The EMP is initiated during environmental review. During this process various regulatory requirements and other commitments are listed in the spreadsheet EMP template. 


Each commitment on the project EMP is updated with reference information as it becomes known. Commitments that need to be addressed before construction, such as applying for permits and site investigations, are tracked for completion on the EMP. Commitments that will be addressed during construction are incorporated into the plan and provisions, with corresponding reference information added to the EMP. The spreadsheet EMP is filtered to only display construction related commitments. This becomes the construction EMP and is imported into the project plan set.


Project staff and contractors use the construction EMP as a reference to guide and track the implementation of environmental commitments. The project engineer updates the EMP to check off commitments that are completed and add notes explaining any changes that were needed during the project. 

Project closeout

The project engineer and the project manager review the full EMP before project closeout. Completed commitments are checked and dated. Any changes that were required during construction are explained in the Notes column. Any commitments that will require preservation or ongoing maintenance are communicated to maintenance supervisors. A snapshot of the EMP upon closeout is stored in the project file. The full EMP is stored in a district location where it will be accessible to maintenance staff.

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