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Approved/Qualified Products


Loop detector and underground products

Loop Sealant
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Detector Loop Sealant 5000 3M 1/29/2010
Q-Seal 290S Chemque Inc. 1/29/2010
Preformed Loop Detector
Product Manufacturer Approval Date

Never Fail Loop Systems Model A

Part No. A6XX4590-XHHW-MN ('XX' refers to the required width and can be determined by referencing the plan.)

Never-Fail Loop Systems 1/29/2010
Splice Encapsulation Kit
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
3M Scotchcast Inline Resin Splice Kit 82-A 3M 1/29/2010
Pulling Vaults
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Carson, Part No. 24361267 (40" depth) Carson Industries LLC


Quazite, Part No. PG2436Z714MN (42" depth) Hubbell / Quazite 1/7/2009
Armorcast, Part No. A6001974TAPCX42 Armorcast Products Company 8/5/2009
NewBasis Part No. PCA243636-90012 New Basis 2/16/2011
Splice Vaults
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Armorcast Part No. A6001506TAP-MIN Amorcast Products Company 1/7/2009
Quazite, Part No. PG4872Z533MN Hubbell / Quazite 1/7/2009
NewBasis Part No. FCA487248T-90004 New Basis 1/16/2011
Armorcast Part No. A6001506TAX-MIN Amorcast Products Company 8/5/2009